How to sign documents on your iPhone with the mail app

Don't have time to come in to your attorney's office every time you need to sign something?  If you have an iPhone and use the mail app, then you are in luck!  This feature makes signing documents very simple and fast.  Below I'll give you step by step instructions on signing a document with your iPhone:

1.  Open the email containing the document, and tap on the document at the bottom of the email.  You might have to tap on it twice if it is a large document, so it can download.


2.  Tap the icon in the top right corner



3.  Tap the plus sign in the bottom right corner.  A menu will appear, tap the signature menu item.


4.  If this is your first time, the new signature box will open.  I recommend turning your phone to the side to sign.  Once you create a signature, the next time you do this, your signature will be available to use again, no need to physically sign every time!


5.  Drag and place your signature where it needs to go.  Resize if necessary.


6.  Tap "Done" in the top right corner.  A dialogue box will appear.  Tap "reply all" if you want to send back to whoever sent to you, or "new message" if you want to type in another email address and not have the email chain below it.  


7.  Type a message if you want.  Hit send and you are done!  

Attorney Zach Herbert

Zach Herbert

is a trial attorney and tech geek at Herbert Law Group PLLC.  He is licensed in the State of Texas and practices personal injury law.